Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 6 months Preslie!

Happy 1/2 year Preslie!! I can't believe it is here.  It's going so fast and I'm so sad.  I know this is my last baby so whenever you hit a milestone I get sad knowing this is it.  You are a perfect baby.  Perfect sleeping, perfect demeanor and you look perfect to me (which of course doesn't matter but you are beautiful).  You are laughing now, eating cereal, always wants to stand up, a bit fidgety because I feel like you want to be on the move.  You started crawling backwards which is really cute.  I love everything about you and I'm so happy I can spend the rest of my life with watching you grown.  Your doctor appointment is in 2 weeks so once I get the stats I will write them.  I can't wait to see if you are still sprouting.  By the looks of clothes you are.

I love you!!! 

That was another great appointment.  You are getting taller, now 75%.  Still keeping a slim waist.  You are now on solid food and loving it.  The morning of your appointment you started to flip over on the changing table, always my favorite.  You are so strong I now have to change your backwards.  When the pedi saw you she said wow this is usually how a 9 month old acts, you're in trouble.  She checked you out and told me the basics and I was done.  Your peditrician is so much better then Londyn, I would be scared to go to the doctor she would always tell me something was wrong with her.  4 shots later our next apt isn't until 9 months, woo hoo! 

Height: 26 3/4 in (75%)
Weight: 14.7 1/2 (25%)
Head size: 42 cm

Cousin story time

How cute is this shot. The girls were reading to Preslie with their glasses on. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Perfect start to the New Year! 2013

This is how me and my girls rang in the New Year!! Love them


Well after my sister annoyed me so much with when is she getting cereal I gave in.  My doctor said 6 months but she is sitting up fine and looked like she wanted it.  We started at 5 months and at first she didn't like it but now she does.  She had a little help from her sister, thanks LO.