Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Preslie!!! and mommy July 31, 2012

* Last picture of my belly before going into hospital to meet my little girl

I really wanted you to have your own birthday Preslie Sienna it just wasn't possible.  I will say that it's the best gift I have ever received.  The day was nerve-racking to say the least.  I knew how bad it was for me to deliver Londyn so I was super nervous.  They say the second time around is easier I didn't think so.

They told me to call the hospital at 6 am.  So naturally I woke up at 5 and took a shower etc.  I called the hospital and they said ok come in at 8 am.  Another 2 hours??  After we got there I had to fill paperwork so it was 9 am by the time they started with the Potosin.  My contractions weren't that bad.  For some reason I thought that I had to wait for 4 cm to have epidural but I was wrong.  I said i would wait a little longer then they increased pitosin and my contractions were really bad,  in comes the anestsologist.   For some reason when I had epidural the first time I didn't feel a thing.  This time I still felt my contractions a little.  Then the worst pain ever.  I thought my butt was going to explode, sorry.  According to the nurse the baby was sitting on my anus.  I don't know why I always hold my comments to myself but my sister said I think it's time to tell them you feel like crap.  My favorite doctor left and they were going to send over the mid wife Shawn when I was ready.  I was still in a lot of pain so my nurse checked me and yup I was 10 cm.  I started to cry maybe out loud maybe to myself.  I was in so much pain and I was pushing and pushing and felt like nothing was happening.  I thought it myself maybe I just can't deliver babies fast I'm going to be here for another 2 hours.  Then I pushed her head out.  Talk about being traumatized they told me to look at her head.  OK that's the last thing I want to be doing bending over and seeing her head out, get HER out i screamed.  Little pushes they told me so I didn't tear too much.  Well at the point I just wanted this to be over.  Finally she came out and first thing I wanted to know was if she had red hair.  Nope just like Londyn said brown hair.  We are still trying to figure out who she looks like.  My dad says his uncle Vincent definitely from the Italian side.  My doctor said Josh's mouth my eyes, they are shaped like almonds.  For now she is so tiny it's hard to tell.

Name: Preslie Sienna Rhodes
BD: July 31, 2012
Time: 4:13 PM
Labor: 7 hours 13 mins
Height: 19.2"
Weight: 6 pounds 15 oz
Hair: Brown
Eyes: blue (for now)

First family photo - now we are complete (sorry Preslie you are there somewhere)

Her sister Londyn was so happy to see her.  She is taking to her really well, not jealous yet but we still have the rest of our lives.  She wants to hold her and open her eyes.  She keeps calling her HIM or HE.  I am so fortunate to have this beautiful family.   They say to wake her every 2-3 hours to feed her but all she does is sleep.  At night I never wake her up because the last doctor appointment she gained weight so I think she is OK.  What a blessing!!! I can't wait to watch both of them grow up together.

* Welcome Preslie Sienna Rhodes *

Start the pain of just the needle in my arm

The needle aftermath

Must be post epidural

For the LOVE of God she has arrived

Daddy holds Preslie for first time

Aunt Gabriella holds Preslie for first time

Sissy meets Preslie for first time

Not a red head

Uncle Steve, Lyla & Preslie


Mommy & Preslie go home

Lyla said this is the best day of her life (she said the same thing when Londyn was born)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy birthday Letizia & lil baby!!

So I just left the doctors full of anxiety.  Tomorrow they will induce me!!! Since tomorrow is my birthday I tried to get Wednesday so she can have her own special day but doctors said they are in OR all day so it's better to have her tomorrow.  Well I'd like to say I will never be able to top this birthday gift.  I can't wait to meet you little Preslie Autumn (if we still agree on that name).   See you tomorrow, I hope you give me a painless delivery & arrive quick!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

39 weeks!

So I can't believe I am still going strong.  I actually feel really good!  Diabities sucks but losing weight isn't bad.  This little one just doesn't want to make her appearance yet.   I say she wants to wait until my birthday July 31st to be induced.  Typical Leo already.  The doctor said if I don't go by my due date they will induce 7/31 or 8/1.  I think I'd like her to have her own birthday so hopefully they will let me pick August 1st.  I was pretty nervous for the last 2 weeks but I now really think she wont come until they induce me.  I'm kind of a slew of mixed emotions.  I worry Londyn will be upset and not love me.  I hope she doesn't think that a new baby is taking over.  I know that in the future she will love her younger sister.  Josh is so happy and can't wait for her to come.  I am nervous about the sleepless nights but I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can't wait to meet you little Preslie!!!!!!

How far along? 39   weeks
Size of baby: 20 inches 
Weight of baby:  7 pounds mini watermellon
Baby progress:   continues to build skin layers
Total weight gain: 140  12 pounds NOT bad for pregnancy -- that's how much I gained with Londyn
Maternity clothes? I don't even need too
Sleeping: pretty good!
Best moment this week: knowing that it's close by and I'm feeling great
Miss Anything? just being slightly normal
Movement: yes lots
Food cravings: peanut butter n jelly & bacon and scallops 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  nope
Gender: girl 
Labor Signs: this morning I was leaking clear fluid -- sorry gross but i'm still here 
Symptoms: no
Belly Button in or out? out gross
Wedding rings on or off? Still off
Happy or Moody most of the time: weirdly happy
Looking forward to: seeing what Preslie looks like!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

38 weeks ready ready ready

Well I might change my mind on being ready ready ready.  I actually feel ok and am enjoying the calm before the storm.  I'm less nervous to go into labor at anytime.  Maybe I got hit with the zen stick.  Londyn seems like she is warming up to the idea that she is getting a sister.  She keeps saying for sissy for sissy.  She is such a joy now talking so much, it's exciting.  I can't wait for her to grow up with her sister.  We think we finally came up with a name, that's exciting.  my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.  Londyn said she will have hair like mommy's color - brown and eyes like nonna - brown.  I'm excited to see.  The doctor said she has hair and chubby cheeks.  As much as I love this excitement of seeing what was in your belly for this long i'm happy that this is the last time I am doing this!  I'm really happy with our new home and to raise the kids and this wonderful neighborhood.  Everything is all good right now :)
How far along? 38   weeks
Size of baby: 19  1/2  inches 
Weight of baby:  6.8 pounds like a leek
Baby progress:   firm grasp 
Total weight gain: 138  10 pounds!! losing weight woo hoo
Maternity clothes? of course but almost peace out!
Sleeping: waking up early
Best moment this week: hearing that the baby has some hair and is growing normal and chubby cheeks
Miss Anything? drinks! & sushi 
Movement: yes
Food cravings: sushi
Anything making you queasy or sick:  my gross couch because Londyn spilled her milk and it stinks
Gender: girl 
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: no
Belly Button in or out? looks stupid sticking out
Wedding rings on or off? Still off
Happy or Moody most of the time: i'm on edge but not so bad good mood this week
Looking forward to: meeting my little girl!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

37 weeks

Baby is finally full term.  I had Londyn already at this point.  I'm so nervous because I went to doctor yesterday and she checked to see if I was dialated and I was 1 cm.  She also went OH WOW, WOW she is crazy low.  My worst nightmare will I make it out the door before her falling out??  I left the appointment shocked & forgot to ask if I should go into work for the remaining week like planned.  She said no because I went with Londyn this time, once I go into labor I have to get to the hospital.  ughhhh i'm nesting and thinking of everything that has to get done but I am so tired I can't really move much.  I'm also nervous about delivering and then bringing her home.  Plus we don't have a name yet YIKES to all of this!

How far along? 37   weeks
Size of baby: 19   inches 
Weight of baby:  6 pounds stalk of a swiss chard (my ultrasound said she was 6 pounds 29%, still tiny but larger then Londyn ) 
Baby progress:   she should have a full head of hair -- i'm wondering red or not  
Total weight gain: 142  14 pounds!!
Maternity clothes? soon I can give them to my sister! 
Sleeping: not comfortable
Best moment this week: stopping work
Miss Anything? able to move for a long period of time 
Movement: yes
Food cravings: no
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No
Gender: girl 
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: no
Belly Button in or out? Finally sticking out a little 
Wedding rings on or off? Still off hope i know where they are 
Happy or Moody most of the time: i'm ok get fustrated once in awhile
Looking forward to: getting this over with!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

36 weeks

So in 3 days was the time I delivered Londyn 36 1/2 weeks. It makes me nervous because I don't feel ready and I'm still commuting to work.   It's been really hard lately staying happy. Yesterday my sugar was super low and I felt week and dizzy. On the days I work from home I run around from doc visit to doc visit usually always late and I get so stressed out. Londyn has been changing into 15 outfits a day. It's crazy and hard to keep her clothes in her drawer. But I let her do it she has a ball so it makes me happy. The temp has been 85-100. People are so concerned about me but I think I'm more slow and tired then hot. Except on Sunday when nanny was watching Londyn I went food shopping because Josh was working on the house and I could hardly do it. I am stressing about my hospital bag.  Same as last time so Sunday I want to have it ready.   We signed up Londyn for school. I'm so excited to have her in that environment 4 days a week. I hope she likes it!

How far along? 36   weeks
Size of baby: 18   inches 
Weight of baby:  6 pounds Crenshaw melon 
Baby progress:   Shedding stuff on her body. Getting ready to meet her family!
Total weight gain: 142 
Maternity clothes? Ready to put them to bed
Sleeping: tossing and turning
Best moment this week: signing up Londyn for school
Miss Anything? Being about to do things
Movement: yes lots
Food cravings: no
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No
Gender: girl 
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: cramps here and there
Belly Button in or out? Flush almost out
Wedding rings on or off? Still off 
Happy or Moody most of the time: on edge to say the least
Looking forward to: working from home