Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 weeks

* board says 13 weeks hello 2nd trimester still feels like first
So I'm a little late with posting the picture probably should have started at 12 weeks. I stole I mean borrowed this off a girls blog because I thought it was cute, questions & everything but I added some in. Londyn blog was started when she was 3 months & I'm happy I can start baby#2 earlier. I try my hardest to keep up with these because I think they will love the baby book when they get older. It's a modernized baby book. Some people like to combine both kids blog but being the 2nd child myself I know that wouldn't be fair. My mom keeps on saying how busy we will be that there won't be as many pictures with baby #2 but I am going to try and put my all into making sure he/she will get as much pictures as Londyn did.
There is a story behind the chalk board. I asked Josh before we went out if he would take on this project of writing on the board ( bc he has better handwriting then me) and to take my picture once a week. He huffed and puffed and I got upset. I think this was my first emotional outbreak. I started to cry because he was doing it wrong, he made it seem like it was a burden and like he was rushing. I cried and called him selfish how could he not want to do this if not for me for the baby. Well I'll say now I definitely took it a little out of proportion. Anyway so when you look at chalkboard it looks a mess I think for now even though I was told I have horrible handwriting I'm going to do it myself.
What it says on the board is that I really thought my first trimester was over. In the 1st trimester I was so hungry & feeling great. I had 2 days of sickness on Christmas and the day after. With Londyn my 2nd trimester was great!!! Well I started to feel horrible & any kind of food made me sick. So true that every pregnancy is different. I hope this gets better.

How far along? 13 weeks
Size of baby? 3 inches - medium shrimp
Weight of baby? Nearly an ounce
Total weight gain? ugh not sure yet
Maternity clothes? Um right when I peed on the stick
Sleep? Lately I can't sleep because when Josh's alarm goes off I'm up and wide awake. Or the dog wakes me up crying.
Best moment this week? Londyn telling everyone I'm having a dog then she laughs. I did ask her again & she said a sister awe
Miss anything? Feeling normal I've been so nauseous
Food cravings? Up until now I loved all types of food but now I want to puke thinking of all food
Anything making you queasy or sick? Smells & food
Gender? ????
Labor signs? Better not be
Symptoms? Nauseousness
Belly button in or out? Haha I'll repeat this over & over I am blessed or cursed with a deep belly button which could be because I have a chubby belly. This belly button isn't going anywhere
Wedding rings on or off? On but I have prego brain I keep forgetting to put them on people probably say look at that knocked up hooch, I can care less
Happy, sad, moody, emotional? I'd say emotional
Looking forward to? Not being pregnant & closing up shop!!!

* Excuse my picture I look horrible

Friday, January 20, 2012

Telling everyone the news!

This part is so nerve racking! Based on my past (miscarriage) I like to wait to hear from the doctor that everything is OK before spreading the news. Waiting for the 3rd month is the hardest because the second I peed on that stick I had a belly. So it was hard to hide luckily it is winter and big sweaters it is. My family is usually the first to know but we waited. I thought since we found out on December 2 we might as well wait for Christmas. I only told one person at work Sara because come on keeping secrets isn't my strong suit. So the holidays were hard. Me without a drink is odd but I pulled it off just saying I was hangover from previous parties. Christmas came around & we already had a ultrasound so we told our family & they were so excited. My mom so nicely said I kind of knew because you look a little bigger. That's exactly what I want to hear because at this point I was eating everything I saw. Many other friends were really excited & my boss of course was happy but asked what my intentions were of coming back. I know now that I am someone boss the feeling you get thinking you will lose them a employee but having to tell your boss you are pregnant should be simple. It's nerve-racking because you are worried that they will ask you those questions will you come back. So now mostly everyone knows I just started telling Josh's extended family, not sure why that is my responsibility. I have yet to post it on Face book I'm waiting for a chalk board I ordered because I am going to make Londyn announce it. We find out the sex on March 21st. At this point I think it's a girl which we both want but everyone seems to think a boy, who knows really I'll wait for the true test.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

12 week ultrasound

So the day finally came I'm entering to my 2nd trimester 12 weeks. I was waiting for this ultrasound to make sure baby doesn't have downs syndrome and she/he is measuring perfect. When the doctor said it's perfect size and your chances of down went from 1-345 to 1-7350 I was thrilled. Also to hear the heartbeat always gets me. I have been very forgetful & of all things I lost my parking pass on the way out & then I lost the appointment paper.
We made our next appointment to find out what the sex if March 21st. I can't wait!!!! My thoughts now is a girl.

Baby size? Lime
Weight? Half an ounce

Here are pictures of baby ? now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Downside of being pregnant

You have to watch everything you eat & basically no medication. We have had the craziest winter it's been record high temps up to 60 degrees. So this year I noticed more then other how everyone is getting sick. It started with Londyn poor baby had a blister in her ear, double ear infection, cold & pink eye. She was coughing all over us & I thought I was invincible but I also just wanted to make sure my baby was OK. Then Josh started to get sick & it made it's way to me. I had such a bad sinus infection & this lasted about 3 weeks. It figured that it was my super busy time at work so I had to be there. Since i was in my first trimester I couldn't take anything. One day at work I felt like my head was going to explode I had to leave. I cried all the way home it was horrible I couldn't even cough without my head hurting. It figures that finally when it was over since my bacteria didn't go away my doctor told me it was OK to take the zpac. Finally it just disappeared. Let's hope I stay healthy for the rest of the pregnancy.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's way different the 2nd time

I sometimes feel bad feeling the way I do since I was the 2nd child I wonder if my mother felt this way too. The 1st baby is so exciting you don't know what to expect but a cute little baby. The 2nd time around you usually know what to expect with the pregnancy & delivery & the sleepless nights after. I get nervous having 2 kids because I know that one is hard enough. It's funny I always wanted 3 and still love the idea of 3 but I told Josh unless we win the lottery & someone else carries another baby for me we will close the shop after this one. All in all having another baby is a blessing and we are so excited!